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Lifestyle and Family Photography in Angkor

Lifestyle and Couple Photography in Angkor

Family Photographer in Angkor

Lifestyle and Family Photography in Angkor 

Portraits, proposals, honeymooners, family and couple photos in Angkor Temples

Amazing experience and Beautiful Photos

“I can’t recommend Régis highly enough. We had a fun morning capturing photos of our family around the temples in Siem Reap. We have so many beautiful images as a result and got them ridiculously quickly after the shoot ended! Our two young boys had a ball (so much so, they say they want to become photographers themselves now!).

I’ve just sent our pictures to my mum in the UK and she cried as they are so wonderful. Thank you Régis Binard. You are a very talented guy!”


Great Experience and Perfect Family Photoshoot in Angkor!

We contacted Regis for a family photoshoot in the temples and we are so happy we chose him! The whole experience was amazing. Beyond the photos that are stunning, we spent such a special and fun moment. I can’t recommend Regis highly enough!

Best Family Photos in Angkor!

“We love his work! Last week we went for sunrise at Angkor Wat to take unique family photos! Angkor Wat is totally empty at this time, so it is really a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY! When I received the photos I cried. I have never seen more beautiful photos in my life. Not only is he an excellent and very professional photographer, her is also very good with kids. My girls love him, you can really see it in the photos.”