Beautiful Laos

Discover the breathtaking landscapes of Laos, a mountainous country waiting to be explored.

“If you every want to travel to Cambodia and couple other Asian destinations and you are looking for a photography tour, I can recommend Asia Travel Photography for sure. Have been on day tours thru Angkor and on two longer tours around Siem Reap and Laos. Regardless if you are new to photography or you know what you are doing, you will explore things in a new light and not only the tourist stuff. Yes, you need to step out off your comfort zone too, but that is the good side to these tours. ” Annabelle

Turning Dreams into Photo Opportunities

Photography Workshops In Laos

Professional Photography Instruction

Photography Workshops in Laos

Travel, Have Fun and Learn from Your Humanitarian Photographer!

Laos Photo Workshop
Voyage Photo au Laos
Mon Voyage Photo

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