Lifestyle and Wedding Photography

“We had the pleasure to have Régis as photographer at our wedding in Siem Reap. The pictures are great and really reflect our characters and the mood of this day. Régis was very discreet the whole day but was at the right place at the right time, which made the pictures very natural.”

Charline & Florent

3 July 2021 – Savigny – Grand-Est – France

Stéphanie & Aurélien

29 June 2013 – Mercurey – Burgundy – France

“Taking family photos with Regis was a great experience. We loved both the photos he took as well as the actual experience. He had excellent recommendations on where to take the photos and he did a lovely job of gently encouraging us while also achieving a natural outcome. He’s very relaxed, friendly, and flexible, and great with kids and reluctant husbands alike! Thanks so much Regis.”

Lifestyle Photography in Angkor

Families, couples, portraits, proposals, honeymooners…

“We had family pictures taken in Siem Reap by Régis Binard Photography and we’re thrilled with the images we received. He worked well with my two toddlers and was so friendly and kind to all of us. His images captured the once in a lifetime opportunity to have pictures taken at such an amazing and historical site. He is extremely talented and we would love to work with him again!”

Anne Sophie & Aurélien

1 September 2018 – Lyon – Rhône-Alpes – France

Stéphanie & Julien

12 September 2015 – Sérézin-du Rhône – Rhônes-Alpes – France

Mouna & Andre

2 August 2014 – Vilamoura – Portugal

Cynthia & Tim

05 July 2018 – Angkor – Siem Reap – Cambodia

Marje & Jibe

21 june 2014 – Neuville-sur-Saône – Rhône-Alpes – France

Elodie & Emmanuel

4 july 2015 – Matour – Burgundy – France

Sarah & Mark

23 February 2015 – Angkor Wat – Siem Reap – Cambodia

Philippine & Correntin

7 May 2018 – Villefontaine – Rhône-Alpes – France

“I couldn’t recommend Régis highly enough! He is just the perfect family photographer! He is very friendly (he was amazing with our 3 years old daughter), nice and calm. He knows exactly what he is doing but without putting any pressure on us. We just followed his instructions smoothly , everything was so easy for us. At the end, we just had the feeling of spending a few hours with a friend in the Angkor temples!”