Insects Hunter

Spiders and Scorpions Hunter in Cambodia

Deep fried tarantula, a delicacy in Cambodia

Cambodia’s rainy season starts from May, which brings with it an increase in tarantulas, which are hunted and then sold to be cooked and eaten. The spiders are found in the countryside.

Bugs Café, a popular restaurant in Siem Reap, asked me to follow one of their spiders supplier, M. Wai accompanied by his young son to understand more about the hunt. That morning, we are not very far from the famous temples of Angkor Wat but we are not looking for old stones but proteins only!

If you are interested to know more about M. Wai and his family, you can see more information on the website of Bugs Café. You will also see some of the pictures in colors!


On Assignment for Bugs Café, Siem Reap

© Régis Binard for Bugs Cafe