I will remember for ever how scared was Pô that morning when she saw the big one jumping out from her hole…

That morning, Pô and I met mister monster hunter, Mr Wai!

Bugs Café, a restaurant almost like the others

Mr Wai doesn’t raise cows, chicken or pigs… He is a real hunter and the best food supplier of one of the most surprising restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia: BUGS CAFE.

As you may understand, B.U.G.S. is not an acconym… it is not either another crash of my Macintosh… But it is according to the free online encyclopedia, a land inverterate… or… an insect actually with the S it is many insectS. How scary again for my friend Pô… it is a restaurant where you can eat insects… isn’t it weird?

Weird for us, sure as we are methane, sorry I meant, cows lovers. We do eat and produce more cows than we actually need. Apparently all the cattle, raised for their meat, their milk fart that much that they are repsonsible of the crazy weather we had this year… the Climate Change, El Nino things mean anything for you, right?

So, the idea of eating insects maybe make sense… but at least the good part is the food is great! A must try in town, so please thanks Mr Wai for his (dangerous) catches!

You can now read the full story of Mr Wai and Sons on Bugs Cafe website and/or see all the pictures of the insect hunter photographed by myself. 🙂